Monday, February 3, 2014

Wine Review - Mad Housewife Merlot

Time for another wine review.  This time, lets evaluate a Merlot.  A beautiful deep red Merlot.

Merlot wine is one of the most popular red wines available, and as a matter of fact, Merlot grapes are the second most planted worldwide.  The Merlot grape is a thick skinned, dark blue colored grape. It helps soften other wines, and is used in varietal wines and blends. Merlot's are known to be smooth and rich in flavor.  They go well with a variety of meat dishes and heavier creamy/cheesy dishes.  There is also no need to age Merlot wine.  They taste great young, but you can experiment with aging them to see what satisfies your taste buds.         

If ever there was perfect timing, it was when my husband bought me Mad Housewife Merlot!  I was having a bad day...errr...week.  I guess he was trying to tell me something, while being thoughtful by attempting to soothe my mood with wine.

I was grumpy enough that I looked at the bottle and set it aside.  The name of the wine was ironic, yet I still set it aside and didn't comment on it. I put away the rest of the groceries, and then I allowed myself to smirk.  I still didn't say anything to him about it though.  How could he?  How dare he try to put me in a better mood?

Well, let's just be honest here, it worked!  Mad Housewife Merlot along with it's entertaining name is also captivating with its flavor.  The flavor is light and fruity.  It's silky and has a sweet aftertaste.  In the aroma, we detected black cherry, plum, and cedar.  As with most Merlot's, is very attractive in the glass too.  It has a deep, rich color.  

My husband and I always discuss the new wines that we try.  We both agreed that this would go well with Pepper-crusted steak and a variety of cheeses.  Also, we recognized that Mad Housewife Merlot does not need to be decanted or aerated.  We didn't detect any smell of alcohol.       

It was a pleasant surprise.  A large number of wine producers try to grip you with the name and/or photo on their label, which Mad Housewife does, but ultimately it's the essence of this Merlot that compels you to add it to your go to wine list.

Have some fun with this one and give it as a gift to all of your crazy girlfriends, but don't give your husband too many reasons for him to keep a case on hand! 

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