This blog was created to share with you the things I learn and the knowledge I have gained in my experiences. I am not an expert in any one thing, but I dabble in many. By sharing my experiences, I hope to enlighten others, entertain, and continue learning myself!

My life revolves around my family.  I call myself the young mom and the old mom.  My oldest started college this year, my second started middle school, and my youngest is under three years old!  Needless to say, my daily experiences are all across the board.  This makes for interesting topics of conversation between my husband, my friends, and I.  

I love to cook for my family, and they love to eat, so it's a match made in heaven.  They appreciate that I make things from scratch, and I believe they will have better memories because of it.  No one ever said "My mom used to make me that boxed mac n cheese and she put so much love into it.  It will always remind me of her."!

My other love is gardening.  I have had my own garden for three years now.  I love it for these reasons:  1) It helps feed my family; 2) It relaxes me and I take pride in it; and 3) I'm constantly learning from it.  I will share my experiences (good and bad) and hope to help other new gardeners out there. 

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