Saturday, March 22, 2014

Wine Review - Jacob's Creek Shiraz

Jacobs Creek Shiraz has been one of my favorite wines for a while now. It's a reasonably priced wine, between $8-10 a bottle.  Don't let that deter you. This just increases how often you can enjoy the wine. 

Shiraz wines are Australian and are made with Syrah grapes.  In Australia the Syrah grapes are known as Shiraz grapes. Thus, Syrah and Shiraz wines are made using the same grape. Shiraz grapes are the most popular and widely planted red grape in Australia. Shiraz grapes have a beautiful deep purplish-blue color. 

The aroma of Jacobs Creek Shiraz is inviting and semi-sweet. The prominent scents are blackberry and dark chocolate. I am always excited when I get a hint of dark chocolate in a wine, whether you can smell it or taste it. If you're lucky you get both! The scent is somewhat deceiving, because Jacobs Creek Shiraz has a slightly spicy flavor. You can taste black pepper and plum.  It also leaves a peppery aftertaste.

Jacobs Creek Shiraz is an easy-drinking wine.  Because of this it goes great with light cheeses.  Also having intense and concentrated fruit flavors, it goes well with lean red meats, such as lamb or venison.

Due to the high acidity of this wine, it should be aerated prior to consuming by using a decanter or bottle top aerator. And being a red wine, it should also be chilled.  The temperature of a Shiraz should be between 64-66 degrees. 

Remember to serve your Shiraz or Syrah wine in a wine glass that tapers slightly at the top.  This will aid in bringing out the aromas in the wine, making for a more enjoyable experience!



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