Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wine Bottle...of Dreams

My husband bought this bottle of wine in 1998 or 1999.  He loves Beaujolais wine, so I'm sure he intended on us enjoying this bottle of wine, but for some reason we didn't. Something made him want to save this one for a special occasion.

That special occasion has changed a few times.  If I recall correctly, the original special occasion was to be when we had our next child, which happened in 2001.  Then it was, when/if my brother got married.  And then it was our 10 year anniversary.  Well, all these occasions have passed us by, yet the bottle remains unopened.  We even had another child, a boy!  You would think he would have opened it then, but no.

This bottle has apparently become a representation of our dreams.  "We'll open it when this (or that) happens....".  I asked my husband what the bottle meant to him and he simply stated that it is "a constant".  It's been there through births, moves, job changes, dreams that have become reality, and dreams that have not.  

We may or may not decide to open this bottle in the future.  Maybe when we accomplish one of our big dreams!  We own 5 acres in Missouri, and are currently working on making it livable.  We hope to build a cabin on the land and move there, eventually.   Maybe this will be when we open the Bottle of Dreams.

Writing about the bottle of wine and what it means to us actually tugs at my heart stings.  I almost don't want to open the bottle, because it will feel like an ending, an ending to the story of our lives.  It's as if you opened that bottle out would pour our past, and it would be lost forever.  What a great story this would be for our future grandchildren, if this bottle was passed down to them.  I feel like no one would ever want to open it, so they could tell the story of us.

For now, we will keep the bottle on our wine rack where it has always been absorbing the life of the family that surrounds it.                

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