Thursday, January 2, 2014

Get Your Omega 3's with Ground Flaxseed and Chia Seed

How can you get more Omega 3's in your diet?  There are a number of ways to do so, like taking supplements or eating fish.  Some other foods that provide Omega 3's are beans, walnuts, and olive oil.  But are you familiar with the benefits of Flaxseed and Chia Seed?

Flaxseed and Chia seed are both better than salmon at supplying Omega 3, and are great sources of fiber for your diet.

Omega 3 Fatty Acid's are important to our bodies mainly as an anti-inflammatory.  This may help prevent some chronic diseases like heart disease or arthritis. Omega 3 is beneficial for everyone from babies to the elderly.  For more information on who needs Omega 3's and the benefits, visit this page.  

Years ago I began using ground flaxseed in my smoothies. I branched out from there and used it in my whole wheat pancakes.  Ground flaxseed can be used in place of oil or eggs in recipes.  It gives your food a nice nutty flavor, and is similar to course ground flour. I now sprinkle about a tablespoon of it on my yogurt and oatmeal as a topping. Even my two year old likes to have it added to his morning yogurt. We buy Bob's Red Mill brand of Whole Ground Flaxseed Meal and store it in the freezer.  The package and the link provided will give the ratios for replacing eggs or oil in recipes with the ground flaxseed meal. 

In the past year or two, I have been introduced to Chia seeds.  These are different than ground flaxseed, because they are the actual seed, not ground. They are the greatest plant source of Omega 3!  Chia seeds expand in liquid and become a gel like consistency.  They can also be used in smoothies, and can also be a substitute for eggs in baked goods. Additionally, they can be used in salads, pudding, drinks, jam, and oatmeal. I use it mainly in overnight oatmeal.  I buy them from Bob's Red Mill, and store them in the freezer to expand their shelf-life.  

Chia seeds are wonderful at hydrating the body.  They hold 10 times their weight in water, and are used by athletes for increased energy and endurance. See 7 Reasons To Start Eating Chia Seeds at for some great information.

Overnight oatmeal is a simple way to introduce yourself to chia seeds and their benefits.  Especially if you are looking for a healthy, filling breakfast. Here is my recipe:

Overnight Oatmeal

1/3 c. organic vanilla yogurt
1/3 c. organic milk (cow's or almond)
1/3 c. organic old fashioned oats
1 T. chia seed

Mix all ingredients together in a mason jar or other container with a lid. Place it in the refrigerator overnight.  In the morning, stir and add your desired toppings like fruit, nuts, and/or maple syrup.

This can be eaten cold or room temperature.

Look for ways that you can incorporate ground flaxseed or chia seed into your diet by replacing some of the ingredients in your favorite recipes, so you can reap the benefits of adding more Omega 3's into your diet.

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  1. Very interesting post! I will definitely be trying the overnight oatmeal too!



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