Sunday, December 22, 2013

Wine Review - Verdi Spumante

Time for some holiday cheer! Let's try some bubbly or shall I say semi-bubbly. This time of year there are so many parties and celebrations to host or attend. One way to save money is to bring a reasonably priced gift that everyone can enjoy.

Verdi Spumante  is under $10 and a nice sparkling wine that can be enjoyed by many.  It's good for novice wine drinkers who have not yet acquired the taste for less sweet, drier, or even red wines.  It's also a great replacement for bubbly champagne. The effervescence of champagne is not enjoyed by all, so here you have a celebratory wine with some sparkle.

Verdi Spumante's bottle is simple but attractive.  I like how the wine is transparent and I love the gold accent.

Being this is a sparkling wine, you must chill it prior to consuming.  I chilled my Verdi Spumante in the refrigerator for an hour before serving.  It should be served in a fluted glass to make the most of it's aroma and flavor. 

The aroma is light and fruity, and so is the flavor.  As I mentioned earlier Verdi Spumante is a good introductory wine.  It has a semi-sweet flavor that is not overly sweet like some Moscatos and Rieslings. Additionally, it's not too bubbly to distract from the character, and is very smooth on the palate.  This is a very easy wine to drink, and I plan to continue to share it with friends and family, whether giving it as a gift or enjoying it with them.  

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  1. Love it Melissa! Great review and you made the crochet items look even more fabulous! :D



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