Thursday, December 12, 2013

Wine Review - Louis Jadot Boujolais-Villages

Louis Jadot Boujolais-Villages is my husbands favorite wine, so I decided to postpone the wine review on my favorite until after Christmas.  One reason I decided to review his favorite is because it is a great pairing wine. With the holiday's right around the corner, and parties all around us, I figured "what better time".  My hope is that you will add it to your holiday wine list, although, this wine is great any time of the year.  We enjoy it fairly regularly.

Boujolais-Villages is a red wine from France.  We typically decant it. The reason we decant this wine is to oxygenate it, which then makes the aroma and flavor more intense.  Our decanter has a wide base, this exposes more of the wine to oxygen.  You can leave Boujolais-Villages decanted for an hour if you desire, but we usually can't wait that long.

This red wine is full-bodied.  It is well balanced through it's sweetness, tartness, and acidity.  The aroma is smooth, non-acidic, and has a heavy grape and dark cherry scent.  It's pigment is a deep garnet, which I think makes it mysterious. You take in this smooth aroma and see this rich color, and you don't know what to expect.  

The flavor is also smooth and soft on the palate. Boujolais-Villages is a well made wine.  In fact, there are other Beaujolais' but Villages in the name indicates that it is of a higher quality.  This is pretty impressive for a wine that is in the $12 range.  

I mentioned earlier that it is a great pairing wine.  When I drink this wine, I think to myself this would go great with "_", or "_".  Well, it does.  Boujolais-Villages pairs well with a variety of food whether it is red meat or seafood, or light or heavy pasta dishes.  When it comes to appetizers or cheese, I would present it with olives, sharp cheddar or blue cheese. Something with a strong flavor to compliment the smoothness of the wine.  I would not serve it with bland foods.  Boujolais-Villages couples well with sharp, spicy, or hearty meals.

Don't get me wrong, though, this wine is also a great sipping wine.  It does not need to be served with food in order to stand out.  It's a relaxing wine, one to enjoy when you need to unwind.

I suggested Boujolais-Villages for you next holiday party, but after my last statement, I am going to suggest you buy two bottles.  One to enjoy at the party and one for after the party to free yourself of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season!

I hope you find Louis Jadot's Boujolais-Villages to be as enjoyable as we do, and the next time you don't know what wine to pair with your meal remember this review!          

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